Apocalyptic Depression and Unrest Coming

I’ve been gently warning about this for two years, and suggesting that citizens prepare for disaster. The economy is going to get much worse after the tax-base dwindles, a condition spawned by trillions in frivolous spending in the last nine months, combined with a health-care monstrosity that will punish small business out-of-existence and force all Americans to buy “insurance” that guarantees them nothing but strife. And the fertile valleys in California whence a great percentage of American produce came are going fallow because of an effort to “save” an inconsequential minnow. People need saving, as do the farmers whose tradition and economy has been shut down in California. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, was founded by Republican president Richard M. Nixon. It has since perverted its original mission, and has become a body of insane fascists who care nothing for their fellow citizens.
I despair…and hereby present to you a chilling opinion-piece by the news editor of World Net Daily.