Elegant Exercise Ideas

Elegant Exercise is Simple and Refined, Using Minimal Equipment and Dressing for Success

Sprinting on a mini-trampoline is my current elegant exercise routine. I have found that it is much more effective than just bouncing up and down. Taking high, alternating steps at a fast pace for as long as I can, lifting the knees as much as possible, is quite strenuous and gets the heart pumping.  I sometimes sprint three times a day. Using the mini-trampoline for sprints lets you do it without creating deleterious impact on joints and feet. The Gold’s Gym mini-trampoline is available for about forty USD. See my  2010 article, “Try Rebounding…,” reprinted below for more information.

Dressing for exercise means skipping the low-waisted tights and sweats, and instead wearing garments that fit snugly at the waist–that area which was designed to keep your trousers and skirts up, which is located at an inch or two above your navel. This traditional style of clothing prevents you having to stop and hitch-up your pants while walking, running and jumping….

Dr. Joseph Mercola has a new post at his blog about an almost-forgotten exercise that you can do without equipment, and which not only strengthens your legs, but is beneficial for other parts of the body, including the “core”. LINK to Dr. Mercola’s article, complete with a video demonstrating how to do “squats.”

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Try Rebounding on a Mini-Trampoline

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Bounce your way to better health with this ideal mini-trampoline. As long as your feet are in fair condition and you’re able to stand, this mini-trampoline is easy to use, and its cardio-vascular benefits are similar to those acquired by jumping rope. And “rebounding” on a trampoline is easier than jumping rope, because there is nothing on which to trip. It seems like all the rage right now, but those in the know were using mini-trampolines in the 1990s. The svelte and intelligent character Charlotte Cavendish in the series Lovejoy, for example, used to bounce fifty times on her mini-trampoline in the morning, and another fifty in the evening.
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This is the best and least expensive one that I have used:

Gold’s Gym Circuit Trainer Mini Trampoline, 36 inch

  • Build cardiovascular fitness, tone your legs, abs, buttocks, and back
  • Low-impact aerobic workout at home
  • Rugged, all-steel frame construction
  • Durable polypropylene rebounding surface

Gold’s Gym Circuit Trainer Mini Trampoline also includes:

  • 2 resistance cords for upper body workout
  • Electronic monitor that measures time, calories, and number of jumps
  • Mini-trampoline stands on 6-legs.
  • Gold’s Gym circuit trainer workout DVD

The Health-Benefits of Rebounding

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