M-J Recommends Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese

cottage_cheese_pineapple_copyright_m-j_de_mestertonDaisy, the Elegant Survival Cottage Cheese

M-J’s Ideal Cottage Cheese: Daisy

March 17, 2009 at 9:16 am

I’ve been searching for an ideal cottage cheese. I have found it.

Daisy Cottage Cheese from Dallas, Texas–brought to you by the folks who have the largest sour cream plant in the world. The flavor is fresh and clean, with slightly tangy overtones reminiscent of sour cream. Daisy Cottage Cheese is not watery like other brands, therefore, you get more for your money. Pick up a carton of another brand of cottage cheese, shake it near your ear, and you will likely hear it sloshing around in the carton. That does not happen with Daisy. And, unlike other brands, Daisy low-fat cottage cheese tastes as good as their regular variety.  Daisy Brand has a good consistency and few ingredients. I’m fed-up with cottage cheese makers who cheat on volume and quality by adding water and other fillers. Daisy Cottage Cheese is a pure success.

See this page for a distribution map.