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Shapely Wool Suit for an Elegant Woman

An exquisite, face-and-figure-flattering classic woman’s suit in Islay tweed wool, offered by our sterling friend Peter in Herefordshire. 
This is a three-season, light wool ladies’ suit that has an elegantly-tapered, back-slit, knee-length skirt and a jacket which will lend an hour-glass shape to its wearer. This is the height of daytime elegance for a woman who attends luncheons and/or business meetings. I would wear a white, ruffled blouse underneath the suit-jacket or a turtleneck, depending upon the season.
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Elegant Lady’s Country Tweed Suit by Burberrys, Made in England

Classic Kick-Pleat Traditional Skirt, Reversible Tweed Vest and this Jacket–an Elegant Survival Must-See!