Elegant Lanyards by Alexander


Elegant Multi-Purpose Lanyards Made by Alexander Outdoors

The best, most elegant lanyards are made by Alexander in Sportsman’s Paradise, Louisiana. Alexander’s Outdoors offers a wide variety of lanyard styles and many categories of survival tools as well. Read about the lanyards and their many uses on his website. I use them on key-chains and leather bags, while my husband uses these elegant lanyards for easy deployment of rescue-tools and as zipper-pulls on  his Barbour wax jackets. The material colours  and combinations thereof are seemingly endless. Alexander’s prices are perfect for Elegant Survival: Stylish Living on a Shoestring.

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The Swiss Army Rescue Tool by Victorinox

Elegant Rescue Tool, by Victorinox of Switzerland

The Rescue Tool by Victorinox of Switzerland comes with a matching nylon holster that, like the tool itself, can be found in low light.

Our Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool

Bedbug Epidemic, and How to Protect Yourself


Bedbugs now infest many hotels in America. They are spreading like wildfire. A friend of mine believes that she was bitten by wood-mites at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans last month. Imagine sleeping in a hotel room where there was a dog with fleas, an infestation of tiny bed-bugs or mites, and the cleaning service missed the problem. You are now in for a night or two of dreadful itching and red boils. Do what you can to inspect a hotel room upon entering it, and if you see the slightest sign of pests, urine, or vermin, insist on a refund or a different room that has been properly cleaned. You might ask for a room that hasn’t had someone’s dog or cat in it. People  put dogs in hotel beds.  In fact, Phydeaux would be very likely host for bedbugs, an extra-fancy carrier for transporting insidious pests into your home and car. There may be fleas, bedbugs, and urine on the hotel mattress. Many victims of pest-scourges have spent the night in hotel bath-tubs to get away from them. A great tool for detecting mites, bed-bugs and urine spots is a black light flashlight–small enough to be unobtrusive in your purse, and really inexpensive. This tool has plenty of applications, at home, on the job, or travelling. We’ve had one for a long time. I located a great, cheap source for the timely tool:


Elegant Survival Tools: Santa Fe Sticks

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And Now, This Important Message…

…Introducing Santa Fe Sticks

The Strongest, Most Beautiful Walking Sticks–Custom-Made to Your Specifications
The Ultimate Elegant Survival Tools, Handcrafted in Exotic Rare Woods

Elegant Survival Non-Electric Tools

In the event of a power-outage, or complete disaster, you will need certain non-electric kitchen tools. Let’s say that you’ve successfully put away a stock of wheat. You will need to grind it for flour, or crush it for salads and pilafs. The traditional heavy metal meat and vegetable grinder, which attaches by vise to a table or counter-top, is necessary. If you have stored-up a load of coffee beans (whole coffee beans, like wheat “berries”, have a much longer shelf-life than their ground forms), you will need a high-quality, hand-operated coffee grinder. See my Survival Tools link-list on the right side of this page for sources.
Hand-Operated Meat and Wheat Grinder

Here is a photo of my sprouted grains and seeds, showing my hand-operated coffee-grinder.
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Emergency Foods

A great way to always have some form of cheese, without refrigeration, is to buy economy-sized containers of grated Parmesan cheese–the kind which comes in the plastic cylinders. Kraft has a nice product; check its packaging for shelf-life prospectus. As in my previous posts about dehydrated foods, et cetera, I’m not posting this information for food-snobs, but for people who wish to be prepared for disaster!

You would do well to lay in a supply of pasta and powdered eggs, as well as olive oil and nuts. It may not be the most nutritious food, but there’s a lot you can do with pasta. A recipe I devised years ago is this: sauté some walnuts and chopped garlic in olive oil until they are brown. Add it to your cooked pasta, together with shredded or grated Parmesan cheese. Eggs, of course, are nature’s perfect food, in my opinion. Adding Parmesan cheese to an omelette yields a delicious dish, especially when it also contains tomatoes, sun-dried or fresh. Both pasta and egg dishes are enhanced by dried parsley and chives–two other items to have on hand when it seems that the end is at hand!

~~M-J de Mesterton