The Dodgy Swine Flu Vaccine: Just Say NO to the WHO


The proposed vaccine for H1N1 has not been tested, and contains not only toxic material, but flesh of diseased monkeys.  This inoculation may cause paralysis, autism, random diseases or death. It contains squalene, a poison that affected those soldiers who developed Gulf War Syndrome, and which causes immune-deficiency. See Barbara Loe Fisher’s informative blog on the subject. I am gathering information about the “swine flu shot”, which I shall add into this post, and will leave you with this link to a report.

The National Vaccine Information Center

Jane Burgermeister’s “Bird Flu 666” is a site with lots of information about dodgy, dangerous vaccines.

Elegant Survival Health has more information about prevention of H1N1 and other influenza/grippe viruses. Don’t rely on a dodgy inoculation for your health, when the power to resist disease is in your own hands.

There IS legal help for those who do not believe in vaccines, and people who are rightly scared to death of this extremely foolish inoculation: Vaccine Legal Exemptions