Foods and Vitamins that Help Prevent Cancer

Ginger root is believed to inhibit cancer-cell growth, particularly in the female reproductive organs.

The oleic acid in olive oil dramatically reduces the levels of the cancer gene Her-2/neu, which is found in breast cancer tumors.

Beans and other legumes
may lessen the risk of breast cancer, because they can suppress the production of enzymes that encourage tumor growth. Try to eat beans three times a week.

Supplement your diet with vitamin B-6 and vitamin D-3.

Folate, a B-Vitamin found in leafy greens, is a powerful cancer-fighting agent. It fights the changes in DNA that cause cancer-cell growth.

Eating carrots may reduce the risk of kidney cancer and ovarian cancer.

Watermelon, tomatoes, and pink grapefruit
, because of their lycopene component, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and colorectal adenomas (tumors).

Citrus peels
contain limonene, which acts as a sunscreen inside your epidermis.

~~M-J, 2009