Elegant Cocktail Buffet

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For a great party, make all the hors d’oeuvres yourself, spread them on a central table, and have the host (husband) serve drinks. Put stacks of small plates at each end of the table. The hostess (wife) can fill and carry some of these plates around to guests during the party, ensuring the land-locked chatters an opportunity to eat. Wine and soft drinks are sufficient, if you’d like to keep the drink-dispensing simple. Walking about the rooms with a wine bottle to give refills on the spot is a good idea. Offer a plate of brownies or cookies.

Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton

Coat Storage

It’s not elegant to make your guests pile their coats on a bed or a sofa. Empty your own coat closet onto your bed or in another room, and your guests will have the dignified luxury of hanging their coats in a proper closet.


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